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WordPress Hosting

Check out the most affordable offers with all basics for your WordPress

Starting from $2,99/month
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Cloud Hosting

Powerful cloud computing and object storage for your project.

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Vps Hosting

Big or small, website or application - we have a VPS configuration for you.

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Shared Hosting

Everything you need to launch a website. The classic way to get it all.

Starting from $2,99/month

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Whether you need a simple blog, want to highlight your business, sell products through an eCommerce.

Secure WordPress hosting for a safer site

Minimise downtime with a secure platform built just for WordPress.

Malware scanning

Get automatic malware scans of your site and hosting platform. If we find a threat, you'll be notified instantly.

Malware repair

Choose the Boost plan for automatic malware removal, plus other advanced security features.

DDoS shield

An advanced DDoS shield filters out suspect traffic to keep your site online.

99.98% uptime

Having your website online is our priority. That’s why we guarantee our uptime.

Daily backups

Backups are created daily and stored for seven days.

Anti Spam Filter

Anti-spam filters are enabled on all accounts by default. Additional custom filters may also be added.

SSL Certificate

Hostxls offers free SSL certificates with every plan purchase, so all websites on your hosting account are secured.

Network monitoring

We quickly detect and respond to potential security incidents before they can cause significant damage to your website or compromise sensitive data.

Imagine being visible all over the world

Shared hosting is the easiest, most economical way to get your website
connected to the Internet so you can start building it with

Pring Table
Light Starting At $ 2,99 $ Month
Speed Starting At 6,99 $ Month
Ultimate Starting At 14,99 $ Month
Website 1 1 1
Disk storage 5GB 10GB 15GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
SFTP users 1 3 5
MySQL databases 1 3 5
Free SSL certificate
.COM Domain $11,99 $11,99 $11,99

In short, yes. While the WordPress platform itself is free, you'll still need to buy a hosting plan and a domain name to publish a website.

Our hosting plans come with afordable prices and for some you'll get a domain name for 1 year free.

WordPress is a powerful and flexible platform that can be used to create virtually any type of website. Its ease of use, extensive customization options, and active community make it a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, WordPress provides the tools and resources needed to build and manage successful websites.

WordPress hosting is specifically designed to optimize the performance, security, and ease of use for WordPress websites, providing features and support tailored to the needs of WordPress users.

General hosting services offer broader compatibility and flexibility for various types of websites and applications, but may require more manual configuration and management for optimal WordPress performance.

Choosing between the two depends on your specific needs, technical expertise, and whether you prefer a hosting environment that is pre-optimized for WordPress or one that provides more general-purpose capabilities.

Having your own domain name, website and email addresses will give you and your business a more professional look. Another reason for a business to register a domain name is to protect copyrights and trademarks, build creditability, increase brand awareness, and search engine positioning.

It helps visitors find your site and allows search engines know what your site is about. A good domain name is short, easy to remember, and describes what your site is about. Choosing a good domain name is vital because it can help you attract more visitors to your site and improve your search engine rankings.

In simple terms, an SSL certificate is a communications protocol that provides security for web developers and users whilst using the Internet. This type of safeguard is important since the information sent across the Internet is essentially unsecured and, in theory, could be intercepted and accessed by a third party.

SSL certificates provide a layer of confidentiality and security that ensures privacy for users when transferring sensitive information between websites or through email. For this reason an SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is integral to the successful operation of web based business and other concerns that deal with users' personal information.

An SSL certificate is associated with your particular domain name and so, when you buy an SSL certificate from IONOS, you are ensuring that any data sent between your server and the client is secured against external threats. The user's browser decodes the data, and rather than the usual "http" prefix, users will see "https" within the address bar.

Since there are various types of SSL certificates, each website should select the most suitable certificate for the given application.

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